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When You Absolutely Must Stand Out

NOTHING Matches the Power of Your OWN Book

  • Your book get instant attention.
  • Your book is real.  
  • Your book has unforgettable impact. 
  • Your book is the ultimate "noise-cutter" everyone notices
  • And a book about you instantly puts you in a class of by yourself in your market. 
  • Your book sends a message that you can't say for yourself. 
  • Let YOUR BOOK be your business card.
  • Let's be honest: this is the Rolls-Royce of Personal Branding.

This is the ultimate business building tool: It is the most powerful tool to meet new people, create new relationships and grow your business. The benefits are extensive and to be blunt, priceless

Unfortunately, though you might have a dream of having your own book and can clearly see the advantages, you probably don't have the time and honestly don't even know where to start.

Let me tell you about Introduce Yourself Books™

Writing books is hard work, which is why so few people write them. Having written nearly 20 books I was convinced that there must be an easier way for everyone, especially you, to have one of these powerhouse self-promotion tools without the grinding effort of writing one from scratch. 

Then it struck me....

Everybody loves quotes, quips and comments....and our own clients testimonials about us.  We all appreciate a phrase well turned, timeless wisdom and humor.  And we all have our favorites: the ones that say things that we just can't say any better.

Now imagine a really sharp book of your favorite quotes, quips and comments, totally customized to tell the world who you are, published with a full color cover and  room at the beginning and the end of the "guts" of the book to promote yourself and your business or cause. 

Introduce Yourself Books™ was born.  


19 Reasons To Love Introduce Yourself Books™

  • YOUR book solves your biggest business growth problem: meeting new prospects and nurturing the customer base you've built
  • This is way better than internet marketing: Would you rather have 1000 likes today, or 1 new customer?
  • You instantly standout in your market. The days of feeling like your message is "lost in the noise" are over!
  • People do business with people they know and like.  There is no faster way to build this trust. 
  • This is a lightening fast ice-breaker and conversation starter
  • You are the celebrity; with a book you are the go-to expert in your field.
  • It's really not about the's about putting your unique message in a container that is unique, memorable, keep-worthy and punchy.
  • Your book is an employee that works 24/7 without breaks or health insurance
  • People throw away business cards....nobody throws away books
  • Your book will travel places you could never go and meet prospects you could never get near
  • You can use these as powerful mailers...It's your biggest bang for the buck
  • Nothing says "I'm the leader" like your own book.
  • Use it to open speaking opportunities about what you do
  • Your family and friends will be proud and share your story for you
  • Your competition simply can't compete with this
  • Use my online video book marketing course to show you the variety of ways to use these books
  • Join my growing community of authors and discover how others are using their books to build business. Welcome to the team!
  • Particularly useful for real estate agents, financial advisors, wholesalers, sales, chiropractors, speakers, attorneys, clergy, counselors, psychologists, insurance agents and brokers...and more
  • This is affordable to anybody in any situation

Is This For You?

This is How We Will Build Your Introduce Yourself Book


  • Have a phone call with me to determine your goals for this book and sign up.
  • Begin collecting quotes, quips, ideas, wisdom, client testimonials...anything that captures you and tells the world who you are. (You can use my personal quote library and my team will help you).
  • Get a high quality (300 dpi) photo of yourself for the cover.
  • Begin watching my private online training videos for meeting new people using your new book
  • Get ready to put your book to work!


  • Submit this information to Introduce Yourself Books and we will begin the layout process.
  • Our designers will draft a cover and the internal "guts" of the book and work with you to perfect the layout


  • We confirm the final draft of the book with you and submit it to printing.
  • You receive galley proofs of the final version of the book before it goes to press. CHECK IT OVER CAREFULLY!
  • Your finished book (500 copies) is printed under the the Praxis Worldwide Media logo with your cover and "guts" and shipped directly to you within 14 days.
  • Begin distributing your books via one-on-one contact, in mailings, with new referrals, in public talks and way more.
  • Complete my private online course for how to use your book to make your business explode!

Let's save some time....I will NEVER call you

I don't chase...I don't need to. I'll send you a FREE BOOK to review, then it's up to you. FAIR?